What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Dental Implants?

Looking into dental implants in Pflugerville, TX? You’ve come to the right place! They are a fantastic way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

But if you’re on the anxious side, you may be wondering what side effects you could experience after implant surgery. Check out this short article to learn everything you need to know.

Dental Implant Failure Rate

You should know that dental implants don’t fail as often as you think. Only about 3% of people who get dental implants suffer from rejection or other complications. 

The high success rate occurs because a dentist will screen you before approving the procedure. Here are a few factors that can determine if dental implants are right for you:

  • Healthy and sufficient jawbone mass
  • Healthy gums
  • No titanium allergy
  • No illnesses that could affect healing (diabetes, chronic arthritis, etc.)
  • No treatment or medications that could interfere with the procedure (antidepressants, chemotherapy, etc.) 

If you meet all the criteria, then you’re most likely an excellent candidate to get dental implants! 

Possible Side Effects After Implant Surgery

 Unfortunately, no procedure is 100% risk-free, and even if patients are carefully screened, there is always the possibility of experiencing certain side effects.

Here are some of the complications or side effects patients may experience after implant surgery: 

Short-Term Side-Effects

Most patients will experience a bit of discomfort after their implant surgery, but this is completely normal. Your body simply needs some time to heal, and you may notice:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Minor bleeding
  • Bruised gums, etc.

Luckily, these symptoms will gradually disappear as the implant heals, and you should not have to worry about them for too long. Usually, patients experience them for around one week after surgery. 

Unwanted Complications

Some patients may experience some complications when healing after implant surgery, such as:

  • Sinus issues (only if the implant was placed in the upper jaw)
  • Nerve damage
  • Blood vessel damage
  • Infection in the implant site

Some of these complications can be a result of the procedure itself, such as the implant damaging a nerve and causing some tingling or numbness in the gums. Others could be caused by improper care after your surgery, such as failure to clean the mouth, which can lead to infection.

Implant Failure 

Implant failure is extremely rare, but it can happen. For instance, an untreated infection can lead to peri-implantitis, which prevents the bone and gums from healing around the implant, leading to failure.

To mitigate these risks, you should see a dentist near Pflugerville for routine consultations throughout your implant healing to make sure your body is responding well. 

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